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I write creative non-fiction, taking inspiration from the landscape of north Wales. I grew up on a remote farm in Clwyd. We didn't have a telly and the internet hadn't been invented, so I read a lot.


I love books. As a Fine Art student I made them from brown paper and black and white photographs. As a postgrad student I learnt about type and typography, and made books for real at the BBC. I designed covers and contents for lots of cookery, comedy, history and lifestyle titles. It was great. There was a refreshment trolley.


Moving back to Wales in 2000, I continued as a book designer, alongside lecturing in art and design. It wasn't until 2012 – whilst 'on sabbatical' in France, that I realised I was earning money from writing – educational courses and articles about art and design. I was living in a barn at the time, and decided to keep a diary, which turned into my first book LESSONS IN IMPERMANENCE. It seemed fantastic that I could hand the design over to someone else, and this marked a big change for me, from designing books for other people to writing them for myself.  


My love of words and writing has been with me throughout my life. In my lecturing role, I work with students to help them realise their creative intentions, often incorporating text within fine art contexts. The two seem inextricably linked, my love of colour and the means of expression that the book form provides.  I love the physicality of books – their shape and heft. Whilst writing this I realise I have become a bit intense, thinking about the smell of fresh print, so I will move on directly...


My most recent project is Nonconformist – a memoir about discovering my Welsh roots. 
To find out more or to discuss a project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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